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Turbo Technics S290 bolt on turbo kit 2014-2019 Fiesta ST 1.6L

$ 2,249.99

OUT OF STOCK - eta January 2024 

NEW Turbo Technics S290 bolt on big turbo kit for the 2014-2019 Fiesta ST (US spec)

S290 information:

  • S290 is designed for power levels beyond what the stock engine/head can support. Power goals of 380-450+whp for drag race / track applications using a forged / built engine with head modifications (cams, springs, port work)  
  • S290 can be used with a stock engine/head but we suggest the S280 for stock engine applications as it will spool quicker and can safely produce power levels that exceed the stock engine's limits 
  • S290 has a larger exhaust housing A/R than the S280
  • S280/S290 fitting kits (hoses, gaskets, hot side pipe, etc.) are the same 
  • S290 has a TT proprietary uprated wastegate, it's adjustable and capable of boost pressures suitable for the turbo's output.  Unlike the S280, a TS wastegate is NOT required 

Large cast turbine housing with direct fit Fiesta specific flange easily bolts to your stock or modified exhaust manifold / downpipe with no hassle or fear of leaks and bolts backing out over time. This means you won't need an adapter plate to fit this turbo!  The Turbo Technics S290 Turbo Kit also allows the use and ease of all stock oil feed and drain lines. This complete kit includes all supplies (couplers, fittings, gaskets, hardware) needed for a trouble free installation. 

  • Complete in house designed, engineered and manufactured by
  • Turbo Technics.
  • Complete with fitting kit including silicone inlet hose,
  • designed to fit with standard air box.
  • Includes all the parts required to fit to the engine. Turbo Technics designed larger upgraded billet compressor wheel.
  • Full size K04 turbine wheel upgrade.
  • Turbo Technics designed anti-surge ported compressor housing.
  • Turbo Technics large a/r turbine housing (nickel-alloy)
  • Bearing housing and bearing system upgrade (K04)
  • Upgraded journal bearing and shaft.
  • Turbo Technics 360⁰ thrust bearing assembly.
  • Competition seal kit.

A slight modification is required to the back of the block but has no effect to the strength of the block by doing this.

If you are looking for the ultimate bolt on big turbo for your ST then this the one for you.

These units are an out outright purchase with no exchange.

NO discounts are available on this Turbo Kit 

Typical Lead time 2-4 weeks if not in stock at time of ordering 

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