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Nostrum High Performance +60% High Flow Injectors 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 969.00 $ 1,199.00

The Biggest and Baddest 1.6 Ecoboost injectors - available now!

  • WHP Potential on Gasoline: 540 WHP
  • WHP Potential on E85: 440 WHP
  • Flow rate: 14.6 g/s at 100 bar
  • Flow rate increase over Stock: 60%
  • Flow rate increase over "JLR": 18%
  • Max Operating Pressure: 240 bar / 24 MPa / 3500 psi (OEM fuel pressure sensor limited)
  • Tune Required?: Yes

What sets Nostrum apart:

  • Upgraded direct fit injectors ready for drop-in installation
  • 60% increase in flow
  • Double Teflon seal for reliability
  • 240 Bar capable with optional pressure sensor!
  • Limited lifetime warranty  

The big ones are finally here! Push the limits of the 1.6 with the largest DI injectors on the market. Flowing a massive 60% more fuel than the factory injectors, these allow you to run full E85 and make more peak horsepower than ever before - without the need for auxiliary or port injection. Friends don't let friends do meth!

Complete your Nostrum Fuel System and gain more injector headroom! While it’s known that the factory HPFP is not sufficient when trying to make additional horsepower, did you know that the factory fuel rail sensor is also a limitation? It is incapable of reading pressures beyond 20MPa, so to get the most of your upgraded fuel system, it is necessary to replace the factory sensor with the Nostrum Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor to read the full 24MPa (240 Bar, or 3480 psi) that the Nostrum HPFP and Injectors are capable of. Going from 200 to 240 Bar results in an additional 10% increase in injector flow!

Every Nostrum manufactured part is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our products are comprehensive solutions that come complete with everything you need inside the box, including detailed installation instructions. Tuning guides are also available for your dealer or tuner. We have customer service and calibration engineers on staff to provide you with any support that you may need, from installation to tuning.

What comes in the box:

  • Set of 4 Upgraded 1.6 Ecoboost Injectors with Double Teflon seal
  • Detailed installation instructions

Vehicle applications:

  • 2014-2019 Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Ecoboost

Recommended tuner:

Dyno graph results:

Phul Performance achieved 430 WHP/350 Lb/ft* on full E85 with our HPFP and High Flow injectors! Forget blending or limiting yourself to one ethanol content, just grab the yellow handle and go!

*Horsepower and Torque numbers are approximate and can vary significantly depending on numerous factors including what supporting upgrades are done to the vehicle, ambient temperature, elevation, road surface, tire selection & condition, fuel octane and quality, vehicle weight, and more.  The advertised numbers herein are based on optimal conditions and utilizing proper supporting modifications.  Your results may vary. 

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