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ARP manifold to head stud kit 2014+ Fiesta ST

$ 129.99 $ 149.99

Replace your broken stud(s) when installing a new manifold or preemptively pick up a set prior to your planned turbo and manifold installation.

ARP high strength studs will replace your OEM manifold hardware while looking great! 

ARP has developed an innovative multi-purposes accessory stud that can be used for exhaust systems, intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds,  and a host of other uses.

The studs are manufactured from a proprietary alloy developed by ARP (Stainless 300) and are impervious to the rust and corrosion that plagues ordinary fasteners. This stainless steel alloy is nominally rated at 170,000 psi tensile strength, which is substantially stronger than Grade 8 hardware. 

Each kit includes :

9 studs, 9 nuts, 9 washers - all the hardware needed to attach a stock or tubular manifold to the cylinder head


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