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Thermal R&D 2013+ Ford Focus ST 3" Cat Back Exhaust System

$ 750.00 $ 1,049.99
Exclusively at whoosh motorsports !
  • True 3" System
  • Custom Tip Designed to Optimize OEM Valance
  • Thermal R&D Exhaust's 'True Helmholtz Technology'
The Ford Focus ST demanded a true 3” diameter exhaust for peak performance. The system also demanded our 'True Helmholtz Technology' to attack the drone that would inevitably sneak in if not properly addressed. After including a resonator in the mid-pipe, we added an external Helmholtz resonator to cancel specific frequencies – namely drone at cruising speeds. We rounded out the system with a unique tip that fit the OEM valance perfectly and completed an exhaust package that any ST owner would be proud to run on the street or the track.

Thermal R&D Exhaust systems are designed with quality of sound and manufacturing as our number one goal. Built from T304 Stainless Steel, the fit and finish of our products are designed for performance on both the street and the track. Understanding that the exhaust is the starting point for many builds, our high-performance exhaust will allow additional modifications to perform at their peak. We engineer our products with the goal of achieving the best all-around product for a given application.   


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Look no further!

Forget the Cobb. This has got to be the best sounding exhaust for this platform. No drone at idle or cruising speed, but it is plenty loud at WOT. This exhaust will give you a deep, smooth, and consistent tone that will never be annoying.

I love this exhaust

I purchased this and a catted downpipe and this exhaust took 3 months to get to my door...but it was well worth the wait. It was just the exhaust I wanted. Quiet enough while cruising but you can hear that the vehicle is definitely on. Stock exhaust was too quiet. With this exhaust setup with a catted downpipe, it will roar at WOT, but thats what I wanted. It is also quiet on startup and won't wake my 3 young children.

Great stuff

Best exhaust system I've ever had. Was a little tricky installing, but once it's on there it's fantastic. Came with all the hardware and the extra hanger that's needed for install. The sound is perfect to me. Can cruise around nice and quiet in town or on the highway, but get on the throttle and boy does it open up. It never drones unless you're doing over 90 maybe, it really is the perfect exhaust for this car.

Sounds like a v8

When your on the gas its roaring like a lion, when your just cruising it purrs like a kitten.

Jonathan Dye
Absolutely Perfect

I did not order mine from this website but I still wanted to leave a review. This exhaust system is by far the best you can buy in any category. It sounds better than all of the other systems, I've hear Cobb, MBRP, Miltek, except one.......CPE. But CPE did the plain boring dual round tips, what a let down right?

This system is super loud when you want it to be and very quiet when you want it to be. There it barely any drone at all, of course there is more than if it were stock. The CPE has slightly less drone but also it's peak loudness is noticably quieter so the trade off isn't worth it when you consider the customer tips you get and the overall quality and adjustability that comes with Thermal.

There are 2 sleeve clamps that allow the adjustment of the overall length, there is a shoulder/knuckle connection at the rear end that allows you to get the tip perfectly level no matter what, then the tip slides over the pipe so you can get it perfectly center and adjust the height of it to your preference. I was extremely impressed by everything about this system.

Just wish Thermal R&D included a 3" adapter for if you already have a 3" DP, that's the only flaw with the entire system.