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Pro Alloy Radiator and Oil Cooler Fiesta ST 2014+ *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 1,049.99


Following months of extensive development and testing on our own development vehicles it’s now finally time to release the long awaited Pro Alloy radiator and oil cooler set up for the Ford Fiesta ST MK7.

Our team of skilled technicians and engineers have carefully designed this all new radiator with beautifully fabricated lightweight end tanks to ensure flow is optimised across the width of the core, finished off with the usual precision and high quality TIG welding expected on all the Pro Alloy parts. With some clever design touches the new high performance radiator benefits from using a custom built fully brazed all aluminium radiator core which has a massive 84.6% increase in flow over the standard Ford radiator, whilst still utilising all the original mounting points for the A/C condenser and original Ford cooling fan assembly, ensuring that this up-rated radiator fits snugly into the standard location without any modifications to the car.

The offside of the radiator is also equipped with some additional fixing points to enable the new Pro Alloy Fiesta ST Oil Cooler to be neatly mounted into the space at the end of the radiator.

We have developed two versions of High performance Oil Cooler to suit your needs:

  • The ‘Street Spec’ Oil Cooler - This fits neatly around all the existing A/C hardware and is designed for road and occasional track day use. 
  • The ‘Track Spec’ Oil Cooler – This fits into the same space as the ‘Street Spec’ unit but is the full height of the radiator and therefore is suited to the more track focused cars which have the A/C removed.

Both versions of Oil Cooler are built to the same exacting standards you will find with all Pro Alloy products and benefit from hand crafted smooth flowing end tanks matched with fully brazed all Aluminium high performance and high pressure oil cooler cores.

Both units are supplied with a complete fitting kit comprising of high performance light weight Nomex Aeroquip oil lines with Black -10JIC Aeroquip fittings, a thermostatically controlled oil cooler take-off plate, Laser cut mounting brackets and all the fixing hardware needed. (For full race applications a non thermostatically controlled take-off plate is available – please contact us for details)

Either oil cooler option can be purchased and fitted with our new uprated radiator, or as additional upgrade at a later stage as required. Installation of the oil cooler kit is simple and only requires the plastic ‘knock-out’ to be removed from the front panel to allow good airflow to this clever and neat oil cooling solution.

These new cooling parts for the MK7 Fiesta ST have been designed to complement the existing range of great Pro Alloy products already available for the Fiesta – Two versions of high performance Intercooler Kit, All Aluminium Up-rated Header Tank, Alloy Boost Pipe Kit, Alloy Intake Pipe Kit and Sump Baffle assembly.

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