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2014+ Fiesta DeltaStyling S-R Side SPlitters *US spec fitment* FREE SHIPPING*

$ 289.99


  • Brand New Delta S-R Side Splitters from DeltaStyling®
  • Hand-Made Unique Design
  • Easy Screw Fit
  • Pre-Drilled Holes and Mounting Hardware Included
  • Made from High Quality Fibreglass
  • Maximum Durability - Extremely Resistant to Weathering
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Supplied in Gloss Black (as standard)


These Delta S-R side splitters, for the Ford Fiesta, have been specially engineered and designed in house, and are completely custom built.

Our Delta S-R Side Splitters are unique, not only do they have our DeltaStyling trademark design, these splitters also have the following:

  • Aerodynamic up-stands to the front of the side splitters
  • Larger aerodynamic up-stands to the rear of the splitters
  • Each side splitter features a unique internal stone dispersal system, for those irritating small stones that get trapped between the side splitter and body work
  • Designed using our latest mirror imaging technology
  • Designed specifically to compliment the Delta S-R Front Splitter continuing the Delta theme from the front to the rear
  • The side skirts have been dropped by approximately 15mm at the front tapering to the rear to enhance the stance of the car and bring alignment to the front

Stand out from the crowd with our Delta S-R Side Splitters, there are no other like them on the market.

They are manufactured and supplied direct from our factory in the UK and are made out of high quality fiberglass.

Choose between our Gloss Black finish or Ford Race Red (Race Red carries an additional supplement of £50.00). Alternatively you can have the side splitters painted to match the colour of your car (additional charge, see below).

These new Delta S-R Side Skirt Splitters are compatible with all Ford Fiesta ST's  2014 to current.

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